Volunteer Service for Students

Volunteer service refers to services performed by DECA PREP students to benefit our classrooms, school, community and its institutions. Each DECA PREP student is required to complete community service hours.

Examples of volunteer service projects include:

  • with their class or school, collect items for charity such as clothes, food, or furniture
  • with their class or school, clean the banks of the Great Miami River
  • with their class, create ways to make life better for the elderly in nursing homes
  • as a class or individual project, provide a face painting booth at a school or community festival
  • as an individual project, tutor children in lower grades or help a classmate who may have missed school due to illness make up assignments, etc.
  • as an individual project, help elderly neighbors carry in groceries, rake leaves or shovel snow


"Children must learn to read, write, speak and listen." (Lewis, 1996)